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“Allow me to introduce myself. I am a woman passionate about my country Colombia and its culture. From a young age, I became interested in Colombian products and crafts, and I always dreamed of taking them to the world. With a lot of effort and dedication, I managed to establish my own export company, and since then I have worked tirelessly to promote Colombian products in the international market. But my success is not only due to my business skills, but also to my commitment to my community and my country. I have always believed in the value of fair trade and sustainability, and I make sure that all the products I export are made by local artisans and producers, with high-quality materials and traditional techniques. For me, my company is not just a business, but a way to promote the culture and talent of my country, and to help my community thrive. My legacy is an example of how entrepreneurship and passion can come together to make a difference in the world.”